05/11/2012 10:24

Do I have a chance in your car?

There are still three chances in the car.

'Chance' could be any of:


1. likelihood that something will happen e.g. There's a strong chance we'll win.
2. opportunity or opportune time e.g. I was given no chance to explain.
3. gamble or risk e.g. You're taking a chance by not wearing a seat belt.
4. supposed force that makes things happen: 
  • It was pure chance that we met.
  • a chance encounter
5. raffle or lottery ticket: a ticket in a raffle or lottery
7. unexpected happening
8. something caused by luck or fortune.


As it is evident, it is very ungrammatical to  use 'chance' as shown in the two sentences earlier.

Rather, we use room  or space. e.g.

Can I have a room in you car?

 There are still three rooms or spaces in the vehicle.


That is English for you.