Correct Usage of "Will" and "Would"

25/05/2016 19:43

Most people do not know which is which when it comes to the usage of “Will” and “would” in English sentences. That moment when you are meant to use ‘would’ in a sentence, and you use ‘would’, and vice-versa. Some might not even know the sentence is grammatical incorrect if one is used in the place of the other.

No one is perfect with the Use Of English (even many English natives can’t boast of being perfect with it). We all learn every day. 

We use “will” :

  • To talk about the future
  • To say what we believe will happen
  • to talk about what people want to do or arewilling to do
  • To make promises and offers.

“Would” is the past tense form of will . And because it
is a past tense it is used:

  • To talk about the past.
  • To talk about hypotheses – things that are imagined rather than true.
  • For politeness
  • Instances

    Would as the past tense of Will (to say what we believed would happen)

    When you want to make an Offer or promise, use Will.

    Would, for polite offers and invitations:

    • We’ll be late.
    • We will have to take the train.
    • I thought I would be late …… so I would have to take the train.
    • I’ll give you a lift home after the party.
    • We will come and see you next week.
    • Would you like to come round to morrow?
    • Would you like another drink?