"land" as a verb (its usages)

02/12/2013 10:13

The word "land" is used as a verb in these ways:


1. intransitive verb arrive by plane: to arrive by aircraft
  • We land at 8:43.
2. transitive and intransitive verb set down aircraft: to come down onto solid ground or water, or bring an aircraft down onto solid ground or water, especially at an airport
  • The Baltimore plane landed five minutes ago.
3. transitive and intransitive verb go or put something ashore: to arrive on shore from a ship, or put something ashore from a ship
  • We decided to land and explore the port.
4. intransitive verb come down through air: to come down from a height
  • The ball shot up and landed on the roof.
5. transitive verb obtain something: to win, obtain, secure, or be awarded something desired
  • He finally landed the job he wanted.
6. transitive verb strike blow: to deliver a blow that hits somebody or something
  • She landed a blow on his head.
7. transitive and intransitive verb end up somewhere unpleasant: to end up in an undesirable place or situation, or cause somebody or something to end up in an undesirable place or situation
  • It could land him in jail.
8. intransitive verb appear unexpectedly: to appear in an undesired and unexpected way
  • One problem after another landed in our lap.
9. transitive verb catch and bring in fish: to catch a fish and get it onto a boat or solid ground

But often times we hear/say an expression like: Please, let me land (during a conversation). The implication here is that we make "land" a synonym of "complete" or "finish". Obviously, this is wrong.  Rather, we should say: Please, let me compelete/finish (what I am saying).