Learn How To Pronounce Names of Cars

24/08/2015 11:41

... fleet of cars will get smaller and smaller, according to a story inCar names being pronounced wrongly isn't peculiar to Nigerians alone. However, an attempt has been made to compile some car names. Enjoy and learn them below:

Acura → ‘Ack + you + rah’ | The ‘c’ makes a hard ‘k’ sound. The second syllable sounds like the word ‘you’.

Aston Martin → ‘Ass + ton Mahr + tin’ | First syllable is pronounced ‘ass’ and the second is pronounced like the word ‘ton’. Say ‘Martin’ just like the name!

Audi → ‘Aww + dee’ | Audi is a tough one. For the first syllable just say ‘aww’ like if you were in pain, then ‘dee’ for the second.

Bentley → ‘Bent + lee | One of the simpler car brands, Bentley is pronounced ‘bent’ then ‘lee’.

BMW → ‘Bee Emm W’ | Just say the letters B, M, W!

Bugatti → ‘Boo+gat+ee | The first syllable of the Italian car brand Bugatti is pronounced ‘boo’!

Buick → ‘Byue + ikk’ | A tougher one to pronounce, make sure you pronounce Buick as if there is a ‘y’ following the ‘b’. It’s the same mouth movement as the word ‘cute’.

Cadillac → ‘Kad + ill + ak’ | Make sure you pronounce will a standard ‘L’ sound, nothing fancy.

Chrysler → ‘Cry + sler’ | Instead of making the ‘ch’ sound, pronounce Chrysler as if it is spelled Krysler.

Dodge → ‘Dawdge’ | The ‘o’ makes more of an ‘aw’ sound in Dodge.

Fiat → ‘Fee + awt’ | The ‘i’ makes an ‘ee’ sound.

Ferrari → ‘Fur + arr + ee’ | Makers of some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world, Ferrari is pronounced as if the first syllable is spelled ‘fur’. The same applies to 'girl' pronounced as /gurl/

Ford → ‘Four + d’ or 'Fod' | An easy one. Just the number 4 plus a ‘d’ at the end!

GMC → ‘Gee + Emm + See’ | Like BMW, all you need to do is say the letters G, M, C.

Honda → ‘Hohn + dah’ | The ‘o’ and ‘a’ make a similar ‘ah’ sound.

Hyundai → ‘Hi + yoon + day’ | This Korean car brand looks tricky, but can easily be split into three simple syllables. Sean Tizzle miss-pronounced this in 2013, he said 'Haiyondai'. He even made a joke by extending it to 'I wan die'. LoL

Infiniti → ‘In + fin + it + ee’ | The first three I’s are all pronounced the same. The fourth sounds like ‘ee’.

Jeep → ‘Jeep’ | The full ‘e’ sound is critical in pronouncing Jeep.

Kia → ‘Kee + ya’ | To pronounce Kia, just say ‘key’ plus ‘ya’.

Land Rover → ‘Laand Row + var’ | Land Rover isn’t too tricky to pronounce. Pronounce ‘Rover’ by saying ‘row’ then ‘var’.

Lamborghini → ‘Lam + bore + gee + nee’ | Another fancy Italian brand of sports cars, the I’s in Lamborghini make an ‘e’ sound.

Lexus → ‘Lecks + us’ | Make sure you say the first syllable as if it’s spelled ‘ecks’ and not ‘eeks’.

Mazda → ‘Mahz + dah’ | A very unique name, make sure to pronounce the ‘z’ properly.

Mercedes → ‘Mer + say + dees’ | The second ‘e’ sounds like an ‘a’.

Mitsubishi → ‘Mitt + sue + bee + shee’ | Remember the last two I’s are pronounced ‘ee’.

Nissan → ‘Nee + sahn’ | The first syllable is pronounced exactly like the word ‘knee’.

Porsche → ‘Poor + shuh’ | Three consonants in a row?! To make things easier, look at the phonetic spelling of Porsche for guidance. Every Nigerian seems to know this one.

Rolls Royce → ‘Row + lls Roice’ | The first word is pronounced just like ‘rolls’ is normally. Royce rhymes with ‘voice’.

Subaru → ‘Soo + bar + oo’ | The two syllables ‘su’ and ‘ru’ both rhyme with ‘boo’. Not 'Subayru' as Yorubas call it. I am Yoruba.

Tesla → ‘Tess + lah’ | The first syllable of Tesla rhymes with ‘mess’.

Toyota → ‘Toy + oh + tah’ | Just say ‘toy’ then ‘yota’!

Volkswagen → ‘Volks + va + kin’ | ‘Volks’ rhymes with ‘folks’, and the second part of the word is pronounced just like ‘vakin’. I learnt this on CNN. Don't argue please. Also, take a clue from Arsenal manager's name Wenger. It's Venger by pronunciation.

Volvo → ‘Vol + vo’ | If you like safe station wagons, then you are familiar with Volvo.

Lastly, Peugeot → ‘Poe+ Joe’ | This car isn't pronounced 'Pijot' or 'Pijoe' and not 'pigeon'.