Loose, Loss, Lost and Lose

04/02/2016 19:02

LOSE (v.)

It is a verb form and should be used as a verb in a sentence. Lost is its past tense and past participle.


I lost my wallet.

"Lose some of your weight", mom told her son.



This is a noun form and can be used as a subject, object, or a complement.


Loss of profit worries him no end.

During recession, businessmen incur substantial loss.

He was a great loss in the company.



Loose is an adjective and is used to describe something.


1. After a month's diet, his jeans became too loose for him .

2. His pet dog is on a loose. (break free)

The use of a word is based upon its role in a sentence - how it is used in context.

These three are just some of the words that are always used interchangeably without realising/knowing it.

The key is to identify the words' function in a sentence and then find out which word fits the role.