03/11/2012 21:06

The correct placement of 'me' and 'I'

'I' can be both subjective as well as objective. The 'subjective' refers to when it comes before the main verb in a sentence, while the 'objective' deals with when it comes after the main verb. This applies to some other forms of pronouns that fall into this category. 
'I' is subjective in an expression like 

#I can do it.

It is objective in an expression like

#It is I (This depends on the context it is being used).

However, when we are to use 'You' and 'I' together as a subject of a sentence, it is wrong for 'me' to feature because 'me' is never subjective but objective. In other words, it is wrong to say

#You and me will go there.

Don't be surprised that such expression can be seen as being correct in some text books as well as in some of the videos we watch. It has lost its grammaticalness as well as its correctness albeit. 

#You and I will go there. - Subjective
#This is between you and me. - Objective.

Likewise, note that 'You' always comes before 'I' or 'me' whenever the two are to be combined. For instance, you and I or "you and me" NOT "me and you" or "I and you".