round up/round off

24/09/2013 11:15


Round up means:
1. gather people together: to gather people or animals together in one place
2. increase number when rounding it: to express a number as a larger, less exact, but more manageable number for ease of calculation

e.g. The police rounded up the criminals.

Round off means:


1. finish something in pleasing way: to bring something to a pleasant or satisfactory end by doing or adding one last thing
2. make something more rounded: to make the edges, sides, or corners of something less straight or angular and more rounded
3. express something as round number: to express a number as the nearest significant number above or below it for ease of calculation

e.g. The meeting will be rounded off very soon.

       Please, wait for me let me round off what I am doing.

      To round off the news, here again are the main points.

The two phrases cannot be used interchangeably, please note.