"yab" - Is it an English word?

08/11/2013 09:46

With the way people use the word "yab" these days, you might confusingly take it to be a verb (as an English word). The word "yab" originated from the Internet slang: YAB (You Are Banned). "Yab" is never used as a verb in English expressions. The appropriate word people who use "yab" intend is "taunt".  However, "yab" works as a noun meaning young and beautiful person - usually to refer to ladies (according to Urban Dictionary) e.g. Check out those yabs over there.

So, the next time you say yab, remember that it is not an English word.

Meanwhile, there is "yabber" meaning (as a verb) talk very fast: to talk a lot or say something rapidly, often so that it is incomprehensible; (as a noun) rapid speech: rapid speech that is often incomprehensible.


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